Unhealthy Habits: Things You Should Avoid

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Most of us aren’t aware that we have habits that are actually bad for us. We do some of this every day, not knowing that these are actually unhealthy and should be avoided. Here are some of the habits that we stop doing.

Nail Biting

More often, we bite our nails out of boredom or nervousness. It is actually unhealthy since our hands carry a lot of bacteria every day, and most of it is stuck underneath our hand nails. Gross!These bacteria can be a carrier of E.coli, salmonella or most of the time, common colds. Imagine these bacteria go directly into your mouth and has easy access into your body.These can cause mild to serious health problems. Better to avoid that nasty habit.

Regular Drinking Sessions

Too much fun on Friday nights and having too much drink will not only give you a major hangover on the next day. It also causes liver damage. It can also lead to addiction. In order to overcome such addiction, you’ll need to undergo alcohol counselling Brisbane. It is okay to have few drinks at times, but don’t do it on a regular basis.Don’t abuse your liver too much.

Excessive Consumption of Cigarette

Cigarette smoking is considered one of the major causes of death and sickness all over the world. Better to quit smoking as early as possible. It will cause over 50 serious health conditions and other long-term damage. The main organ that will be affected when you smoke is the lungs that can later cause lung cancer.

Washing Your Hair Too Often

For most country, washing your hairevery day is a must. What we don’t know is that washing our hair too often can actually damage. More often, using shampoo can actually drain your hair’s natural oils, thus making it more brittle than smooth and manageable. By not washing your hair too often, you can preserve your hair’s natural oils.

Too Much Protein Intake

We often think that eating lots of protein will help us lose weight and at the same time, gain muscles. What we don’t know is that excess consumption of protein can be bad for us. Eating chicken and pairing it with a protein shake can result in protein overdose. It can cause urinary loss of calcium and dehydration. And eating too much protein can make you fat. Remember that your body can only take much.

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